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Aimed mediA is the home of Bristol based Motion Designer and Videographer, Tim Price. This site serves as repositry for some of my work and play.


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Video Services

Whilst specialising in post, Aimed mediA has experience across all stages of video production. Usually found tending to my farm or pointing a camera in someones face.

I aim to develop my artistic ability by keeping an eye and finger on new ideas and trends, keeping equally respectful and disrespectful of what has gone before. And to develop my technical skills by determining not just how to get those pixels moving, but how to do it in the optimal way.

Pre Production
Editing & Grading
Motion Graphics
  • Pre Production


    No one understands your business better than you, and I enjoy working with a client to ensure your message is clear. This then has a healthy amount of creativity applied to develop the first stages of the production, as your film begins to show it's form.

    Aimed mediA has experience in script writing, creating test footage, style frames, storyboards and planning shoots. This is all based in Aimed mediA's belief that a quality production can only begin with a well thought out foundation.

  • Capture

    Logo / Business Cards

    Capturing can be the most critical phase of any production, thie means the utmost planning and respect for the art is required

    With a selection of cameras to match most shoots and the lenses to create the perfect image, Aimed mediA is prepared for all types of production. With the added benefit of working within a production community, Aimed mediA is able to expand the crew as required to fit the production.

  • Editing & Grading

    Here's looking at you, kid

    Editing turns your conversation into a confident voice that disseminates your message. A tight edit can make the difference between a production that drags or keeps the audience engaged. Aimed mediA's love for books (especially anything by Ballard, Coupland and Banks if you're asking) gives a strong understanding of narrative techniques and how to build compelling characters. And with a background in music Aimed mediA understands tempo and rhythm, allowing him to know when to push and pull those cuts.

    Often misunderstood, you can think of grading as adding the enunciation and timbre to your message. A good grade will get the most out of the contrast and colour of your film, starting with simple warm and cool tones to more detailed grades. A strong knowledge of grading combines nicely with motion graphics, using multi-pass rendering to gather all the elements of your Motion Graphics to create a truly compelling image.

  • Motion Graphics

    I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore

    This is where Aimed mediA gets to have the most fun. Motion Graphics can be a great way to explain a concept, develop your brand with a kinetic image, or to simply add a bit of visceral flare to a production. Having completed a range of idents, titles, informercials, and educational materials, Aimed mediA is more than versed in delivering stylish content driven solutions.

    With experience in a wide range of software for modelling, animating and simulating various shapes, colours and other strange things, Aimed mediA will leave you surprised by what one person and a small array of computers can create.

  • Delivery

    I've got a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore

    A professionally mastered video needs the perfect introduction to the world. This starts with finishing your video to a high quality, utilising a solid knowledge of distribution methods to ensure this level of quality is visible no matter where your client views your video.

    The second stage involves generating an audience for your production, this can often require a bespoke solution utilising SEO, understanding how to get the most from video hosting sites, and creating packaging and other marketing materials. This is all geared towards getting the right eyes in front of the screen.

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