Pelipod, Infographic

Animation Modelling Infographic

Designed as a smart and secure parcel box, Pelipod does the waiting for you, allowing you to go out knowing that your parcel will be waiting for you when you get home. Pelipod delivers an innovative solution by utilising mobile phone networks to manage the logistics and security aspects of receiving and returning parcels, all the time keeping in contact with the customer in real-time.

Aimed mediA was tasked with creating a short motion graphics introduction to Pelipod. The viewer follows the journey of a parcel from order to delivery, showing various security aspects and features along the way. Aimed mediA also produced two short tutorials on how to use your Pelipod.

All audio and music was provided by the very talented Jon Wright (Link). It's always a pleasure to work with Jon, yet again he created the perfect track to help bring the animation to life.