E Witness, Infographic

Animation Modelling Infographic

E Witness is a Video IP web application for the insurance market, allowing both user and assessor to quickly manage claims. Bundled with screen and document sharing, conference mode, and 3D map integration, E Witness was bound to revolutionise the insurance market. Not long after producing this video, E-Witness' parent company Absolute were acquired by G4S.

Aimed mediA was tasked with visualising a script, outlining the features and benefits of the online portal. With the internet and cloud computing theme in mind, it would have been wrong to not produce a shiny glowy video. Drawing inspiration from the likes of modern UI design for films and may be just a hint of The Tron. A range of techniques were used to create one continuous camera movement through the film. Particles, 2D and 3D animation, and a little bit of FIIP (Fix it in post).

Again Jon Wright (Link) provided the perfect track and foley work to help bring the animation up to another level.