eseye M2M Infographic

Animation Modelling Infographic

Used for everything from remotely measuring and managing soil precipitation to automated home security controlled by smartphones, M2M (Machine-to-Machine) offers the ability to connect devices together to control essentially anything. eseye set Aimed mediA the target of producing a short infographic to explain what exactly M2M is, with an additional branding anchor to be used on further videos.

Aimed mediA worked with Eseye to develop a script covering the foundations of M2M and some of the potential applications. A refined colour palette was chosen to match eseyes' website, before blocking out and animating. To keep pace moving along Aimed mediA went for an animated take on one-shots, producing an animation that flowed seamlessly between scenes. With the theme of M2M being connectivity, Aimed mediA produced an ident using an array of nodes connecting over a network, before merging into the eseye logo.